Follow me and I will make you

In 2005, Pastor Errol and Lindsay went to the USA on missions and had the pleasure of meeting Pastor Mike and his wife, Teresa and visited their church, Faith Baptist Church. They were excited to hear that Pastor Mike and Teresa are now preparing to become missionaries to Asia, and asked them to write an article about God's call on their lives.

Matthew 4:19: ‘follow me’, a very simple but life-changing command. I have heard that command many times over the last 30 years of my life. Twenty-four years ago, that command led me to Faith Baptist Church in Cooperstown, NY. My wife and I have loved our time here serving the Lord. We have had too many blessings here even to begin to list! In April 2020, I heard those two words, ‘follow me’ and knew that the Lord was redirecting us. My response was, ‘Where?’ He answered, ‘follow me’. After that first step of faith into His direction for our lives, the doors began to open. I began to preach online to a house church in Faisalabad, Pakistan, as well as assisting in a new church start-up in Multan, Pakistan, but still those words, ‘follow me’ kept sounding in my heart.

It wasn’t until May that I met, through our church livestream followers, Pastor Elisha at Faith Baptist Church in Tadepalligudem, India. The Lord used him and the children of Grace Children’s Home under his care, to begin to bring the picture into focus. Over the past few months, I have been blessed to provide Bibles in their language to these children. Now that they have Bibles, I get to meet with them every Wednesday for Bible Study. It has been amazing to watch them read their Bibles with excitement and learn for the first time that they are loved by God! It should thrill the heart of any believer to see a little boy read John 3 :16 over and over again as he realises for the first time in his life that God, or anyone else, loves him! This confirmation, along with many unexpected, God-provided opportunities, led my wife and I to surrender to become missionaries to South Asia. I don’t know everything that the Lord has planned for us, but I do know that the decision to ‘follow me’ has proven to be the right path to take each and every time.

There is a great hunger for the Gospel in both India and Pakistan. I have been amazed time after time to see dozens of souls saved in Pakistan, and blessed to be able to provide training for 30 Pastors in India. There is also great need in the Grace Children’s Home, not only in spiritual hunger, but also physical hunger. At this time, my wife and I are providing the funds to help feed these 20 children. They have so little and are so thankful to the Lord for all that He provides for them. We very much look forward to serving the Lord in South Asia, but starting now, we are seeking support and prayers for this next step in our ministry. ‘Follow me’ is the first step for us, ‘and I will make you’... is His part. Please keep us in your prayers!

Prayer Requests

  • Direction as we start deputations

  • Funding for the Grace Children’s Home

  • A place to live in South Carolina

  • Raising support

Mike & Teresa Glisson

If you feel led to support the Glissons through prayer or finances, you can contact them on the details below.


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